You might be a 21st Century Librarian in New Hanover County if...

Note: This project would not exist were it not for the work of Joyce Valenza and her //**Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians.**// This primer for what a school librarian should look like in the 21st century will hopefully provide a framework for librarians in New Hanover County to both celebrate and develop our practice to best meet the needs of our 21st century learners.

"Well into the 21st century, it is clear that the concept of modern teacher librarian practice is not clear. There is no textbook for what effective practice looks like in continually morphing information and communication landscapes. In the past few years many of us have re-imagined school library for learners using the array of new tools and abilities in front of us today. And in my humble opinion some aspects of emerging practice are nonnegotiable." - Joyce Valenza

Questions to consider:

1) What are some examples of these "nonnegotiable emerging practices" in New Hanover County?
2) Where they don't exist, what are some strategies for implementing them? And where barriers exist, what are some ideas for nudging them out of the way?
3) What additions/alterations would we make to this vision of 21st Century Librarianship?