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You consider new ways to promote reading.You are piloting/supplying learners with downloadable audio books such as Playaways, Kindles, iPads, Nooks.
At Trask, we are using Playaways with students who have been identified as below grade level in reading. This is the first year we have used them for student check out.

At Myrtle Grove we have purchased 30 Nook eReaders for students to use at school as part of integrated cross curricular units of instruction. - JLaGarde

At Holly Shelter, we also have purchased 30 Nook eReaders for students to use in reading circles and literacy stations. -PGower

At Ashley High, we have playaways shelved in a special section along with a display of print copies of the same titles. We have been seeing an increase in the circulation of playaways this year. We have also been promoting this format with our ESL students.

At Winter Park we only have a small collection of Playaways (thus far), but our 3rd-5th grade teachers use them primarily for encouraging their reluctant and low-level readers. Our collection of books on tape/CD are used ALOT for a multitude of purposes across all grade levels. I personally use these materials as part of my center activities in the library media center. - J.Moore

At Forest Hills Global Elementary, the library uses Playaways as a reward for good behavior. A small group of students may use the Playaways during library time. Teachers also have access to Playaways to use within the classroom. Also this year, we have resurrected our Leap Pad Readers. Classroom teachers can check out up to four Leap Pad Readers and the accompanying books to use with small reading groups in the classroom. This has been a great help in the 1-3 classrooms for struggling readers. 
At Blair we are exploring setting up a walking club using the iPods with downloaded books to listen to as you walk. This could be used by both students and teachers.
At Winter Park, I convinced a representative committe of teacher/administrators/specialists that we should use a portion of the additional Title I money we recieved to purchase 6 color Nooks and a handfull of ebooks. I can't wait to put them to good use once they arrive! - J.Moore
You share ebook apps with students for their iPhones, droids,and iPads and other mobile devices. (Check out Gale’s AccessMyLibrary, School Edition)

A barrier to this at Myrtle Grove is the lack of wifi. However, I have spoken provided instructions to students regarding how to download audiobooks from the New Hanover County Public library - which can then be put on personal devices like an iPod/iPad. - JLaGarde

You market, and your students share, books using socialnetworking tools like Shelfari, Good Reads, or LibraryThing.
At Trask, we are using Shelfari with our Battle of the Books Team.

I share my goodreads ID with students, but could definitely do more with this. I love Lisa's idea of using it with Battle of the Books! - JLaGarde

On our Ashley Readers blog, we use LibraryThing to promote new titles to the collection. We have also used it to promote special collections or genres, such as a new Steampunk titles.

Your students blog or tweet or network in some way about what they are reading
During book study units with my 2nd - 5th grade classes, I post a series of higher order thinking questions on my blog attached to my webpage. Students can choose to interact with each other about that week's reading. -AWhitmore at Wboro

Students at Blair can post to the blog as one of many choices in responding to the books they choose for their reading wheels.

Last Year at Hoggard High School we started a Graduation Project Blog. Several students said the Blog was helpful in the sense that it helped them locate resources and mostly that it kept them from feeling so overwhemled knowing others were in the same position.

Your desktop screensavers promote great reads,not Dell or Apple or HP.
This would have to be handled by Technology correct? What a geat idea!!
This is such a great idea, I can't believe I haven't thought of it before. I plan to implement this right away! - JLaGarde

You link to available free ebook collections using such tools asGoogle Books, International Children’s Digital Library
(See ebook pathfinder.)
Don't forget about NHCPL's access to Tumblebooks:

At Forest Hills Global Elementary, I have shared Tumble Books with many of my students. When students have some extra free time after checking out books, I encourage them to get on one of the research computers and connect to a short story on Tumble Books.A great idea that we are now using at Blair also.

At Winter Park, I use Tumble Books (through NHCPL), the Stories on PBS Kids Between the Lions, the Caldecott videos on NCWise Owl, Storyline Online, and read alouds on Discovery Education as part of the center activities that I teach/facilitate in the library. - J.Moore

At Carolina Beach Elementary School, I have added Tumblebooks and the Caldecott and Newbery videos available through NCWise Owl as links to my school web page. I am encouraging students to use these resources at school and at home.

At Sunset Park, we just added Tumblebooks to all our desktops for students to use in the library, the lab and the classrooms. Its a great way to have a student share they book they have read when we project it on the wall and everyone can follow along. Its really helping our Kindergartners learn to read and makes them very comfortable using the computers.

At Codington I use the Links page on my website to provide access to the New Hanover County Library's Tumblebooks collection and to the resources at NCWiseOwl. M. Hickman

You review and promote books in your own blogs and wikisand other websites.
On Thursdays at Forest Hills Global Elementary, our Broadcast Team has a "Page Pleasers" segment. (Yes, this is a play on words since I am Mrs. Page) I promote high interest books at different levels that typically compliment the themes of the month. Students can also ask to be on the broadcast to promote their favorites, as well.

At Holly Shelter, I have created a Hurricane Library Blog and I promote books and other teachers' blogs. -PGower

I have two pages on Winter Park's library media center website that promote children's books ...
Children's Literature Sites'sLiteratureSites.aspx
Author/Illustrator Websites
I also have direct links to the Reading Lists search option in Winter Park's OPAC and my Book Recommendation form. - J.Moore

You embed ebooks on your websites to encourage readingand support learning
Carolina Beach Elementary School has embedded ebooks resources on the Library website. Students are able to access these websites at home or school. Most of these ebook resources offer the student the ability to read them or have the computer read them.

The fourth graders at Blair are beginning a unit on North Carolina Jack tales that will culminate with students writing their own Jack tale and publishing it in ebook format using Bookr.

The Forest Hills Library Website has a link to Online graphic Novels that students can access and read from any location. Check out this website for a fun graphic novel idea...

At Wrightsville Beach Elementary, ebooks are embedded on the collaborative penguin wiki created for first grade.

You work together with learners to create and share digital booktalks or book trailers.
At Forest Hills Global Elementary, I have shared PhotoPeach technology with my 4-5th grade students. This is a easy way to create a digital book talk with simple, easy steps. For some of my classes, we created short booktalks within library time, so that I could demonstrate how easy the process is.

Our Library Media Skills students create book trailers each semester as part of their coursework.

At Wrightsboro, my technology facilitator and I work collaboratively with teachers in early learning classrooms (K-2) to assist students in creating Podcasts of their favorite reads. See some at: