You might be a 21st Century Librarian in New Hanover County if...




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You seek professional development that will help you grow even if it is not offered by yourschool district. Even if you don’t get PD credit.You can’t “clock” these hours.

You build your own personal/professional learning network using social networking tools

You guide your teacher colleagues in settingup their own professional learning networks.

You read both edtech journals and edtech blogs,not just the print literature of our own profession.

I set aside about 2-3 hours a week just to follow online blogs and edtech journals. It is hard to find this time, but it has been a huge professional development for me personally.
You follow selected educators,experts, authors,etc. with microblogging apps like Twitter

I have just started this year following Jennifer's recommended Twitter accounts and am amazed at all I am learning.
You use Twitter to mine realtime chat about your professional interests. You use hashtags
like #tlchat and #edchat
At Myrtle Grove, I follow several hastags including #titletalk and #speakloudly which chronicle trends in young adult literature as well as issues involving advocacy and bibliotherapy. Conference related hashtags also help those of us who cannot attend national conferences follow the conversation and learn along with our colleagues who can be there in person. - JLaGarde

You learn by visiting the webcast archives of conferences you cannot attend. (For instance, ISTE)

You share your new knowledge with others usingsocial bookmarking tools like Delicious and Diigo.

I am very anxious to start using social bookmarking tools (specifically Diigo) in order to organize resources and share them with the staff at Myrtle Grove. However, this is currently an area of weakness for me. -JLaGarde

You set up feed readers to push the blog of experts and educators you respect to you on a regular basis.

You join a Ning or other social network for instance:`Classroom20Ning, TeacherLibrarianNing,`English Companion, NCTE Conference Ning `ISTE Ning, Future of Education`
The Educator's PLN is a Ning I belong to. I often find great information there which I share with the staff at Myrtle Grove. - JLaGarde

You are contributing to the development of a new`brand for our profession. When your students move on to the next library, they are going to expect visionary service and instruction and caring, helpful relationships.